Thoth Tarot Lecture Content (THOTH)

▲ Two tarots representing Mercury drawn by Frieda Harris

In the Thoth Tarot lecture, the following lectures will be given.

The first is equivalent to the Tarot Major Arcana,

Learn Athu.

Chapter 1 What is Thoth Tarot?

・ Characteristics of Thoth Tarot

・ About the author Aleister Crowley

・ About the painter Lady Frieda Harris

Chapter 2 About Alchemy

・ About the idea of ​​alchemy, which is the idea of ​​Thoth Tarot

・ What is Hermes, the god of wisdom?

・ Alchemy world view

Chapter 3 About Eternity

・ What I learned from the guardian angel Aiwas

Chapter 4 About the back of the card

・ Rosicrucian and Golden Dawn, Freemasonry

Chapter 5 Correspondence between Western Astrology and Kabbalah

・ Tote bag compatible with horoscope, tote bag compatible with Kabbalah

Chapter 6 Explanation of 22 Athu

In the second session, you will learn 40 number cards called small cards and person cards called court cards. In particular, we will focus on dealing with astrology.

 The characteristic of Thoth Tarot is a tarot that combines the theory systematized by the secret society called the Golden Dawn Group and the original theory of the author Crowley based on the idea of ​​alchemy. It is a fortune-telling that was born from the idea of ​​using ancient wisdom as an individual's freedom, which was thought by old people. The point is that it is easy to remember because it is ideologically new and the theory is systematized. Above all, the fact that the meaning is written on The Card Is Actually Easy For Beginners To Get Along With. Then, Western Palm Surgery, If There Is A Knowledge Of Western Astrology, Can Be Directly Applied, Because Point. It Is Advantageous To Be Able To Utilize The Knowledge Gained Before.This Is the paragraph area. Click to enter content. You can change the font, font size, color, etc. after inputting.Select the part you want to change and select it from the edit menu bar.