Western Palmistry Lecture Content (Palmistry)

In the lecture of Western palmistry, once or twice

Do the following:

Chapter 1 Palmistry and Background 

(Explanation of palmistry history and background)  

Chapter 2 Miya       

(Explaining the planet of the basic concept of Western palmistry) 

Chapter 3 Line       

(Explaining the line of Western palmistry)     

Chapter 4 Ryuseiho       

(Explanation of future prediction method)    

Chapter 5 Fingerprints and Nails     

(Explanation of fingertip fortune-telling)  

Chapter 6 Signs that appear in the palm of your hand

(Explanation of the palm mark)

Chapter 7 Real Occupation      

(Explanation of palmistry)   


 Western palmistry can be used for psychoanalysis and communication, as well as for business negotiations and team building .

 In the lecture, we will learn by watching the palmistry of the students, focusing on the textbook, and mixing the actual occupancy. One of the hardest things I had when learning palmistry was remembering the lines. However, no matter how much you remember the lines at the fortune-telling site, new lines will come out one after another. It's impossible to remember all of them, and I think it's difficult to find materials that contain explanations for new lines. In my lecture, I don't remember the meaning of the line itself. Instead, the lines are learned as connecting the meanings of the planets in the palm of your hand.

 For example, there is a line called the emotion line . The emotional line starts just below the little finger. The little finger is in charge of a star called Mercury, which controls communication. If the emotional line points to the middle finger, the way of communication becomes subjective and self-centered. Because the middle finger is in charge of the star Saturn, which controls itself, and Saturn is within me.

Because it means the power toward the side.

 On the other hand, if the emotional line points to the index finger, the way of communication becomes receptive and tolerant. This is because Jupiter, a star that expresses tolerance for others, is in charge. In this way, you will learn the meaning of the lines that connect the stars.

 In the actual fortune-telling scene, it is not uncommon to encounter lines that you have never seen. However, if you have knowledge of planets, you can appraise as many lines as you like. However, this line makes it impossible to judge that it remembers only the meaning of the line itself.

Correct appraisal requires learning based on the idea of ​​Western stars.